Shuhei Ohkubo

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The physical interpretation of nuclear rainbow scattering within the frame of the optical model is critically investigated. Starting from the properties of the Luneburg lens, a gradient index device that displays refractive features similar to those of the nuclear potential, important differences between the mechanisms producing the nuclear and optical(More)
We analyze the origin of the three-dimensional (3D) magnetism observed in nonhydrated Na-rich Na(x)CoO2 within an itinerant spin picture using a 3D Hubbard model. The origin is identified as the 3D nesting between the inner and outer portions of the Fermi surface, which arise due to the local minimum structure of the a(1g) band at the Gamma-A line. The(More)
We investigate the linear chain configurations of four-α clusters in 16O using a Skyrme cranked Hartree-Fock method and discuss the relationship between the stability of such states and angular momentum. We show the existence of a region of angular momentum (13-18ℏ) where the linear chain configuration is stabilized. For the first time we demonstrate that(More)
We investigate the possibility of the existence of the exotic torus configuration in the high-spin excited states of (40)Ca. We here consider the spin alignments about the symmetry axis. To this end, we use a three-dimensional cranked Skyrme Hartree-Fock method and search for stable single-particle configurations. We find one stable state with the torus(More)
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