Shuhei Kawamura

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Vertebrate cone photoreceptors are known to show lower light sensitivity and briefer photoresponses than rod photoreceptors. To understand the molecular mechanisms characterizing cone photoresponses, we compared some of the reactions in the phototransduction cascade between rods and cones. For this purpose, rods and cones were obtained in quantities large(More)
Phorbol, the flagship member of the tigliane diterpene family, has been known for over 80 years and has attracted attention from many chemists and biologists owing to its intriguing chemical structure and the medicinal potential of phorbol esters. Access to useful quantities of phorbol and related analogues has relied on isolation from natural sources and(More)
Alkyl carboxylic acids are ubiquitous in all facets of chemical science, from natural products to polymers, and represent an ideal starting material with which to forge new connections. This study demonstrates how the same activating principles used for decades to make simple C-N (amide) bonds from carboxylic acids with loss of water can be used to make C-C(More)
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