Shuhei Kawamoto

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Cryptococcus neoformans was grown in 96-well microtiter plates sealed by foil which is less than 0.01 % permeable to oxygen. On day 14 of the cultivation, we observed peculiar clusters of small droplike daughter cells arranged around ≤4 % of mother cells. The fact that most of the other cells had died indicates that few cells had been able to survive(More)
Arginine-rich peptide and Antennapedia are cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) which have the ability to permeate plasma membrane. Deformation of the plasma membrane with CPPs is the key to understand permeation mechanism. We investigate the dynamics of CPP and the lipid bilayer membrane by coarse-grained simulation. We found that the peptide makes inverted(More)
The free energy profile of the stalk model of membrane fusion has been calculated using coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations. The proposed method guides the lipid configuration using a guiding wall potential to make the transition from two apposed membranes to a stalk and a fusion pore. The free energy profile is obtained with a thermodynamic(More)
The effects of membrane curvature on the free energy barrier for membrane fusion have been investigated using coarse-grained molecular dynamics (CG-MD) simulations, assuming that fusion takes place through a stalk intermediate. Free energy barriers were estimated for stalk formation as well as for fusion pore formation using the guiding potential method.(More)
Growth patterns of Cryptococcus neoformans submerged culture in different culture volumes, intensity of agitation and types of sealing were evaluated to better understand the physiological role of hypoxia response in this yeast. When low intensity agitation was set at high culture volumes and air exchange between the cultivation vessel and external(More)
A new method is proposed to estimate the bending rigidity of lipid membranes from molecular dynamics simulations. An external cylindrical guiding potential is used to impose a sinusoidal deformation to a planar membrane. The bending rigidity is obtained from the mean force acting on the cylinder by calibrating against a discretized Helfrich model that(More)
An accurate and efficient algorithm for calculating the 3D pressure field has been developed and implemented in the open-sourcemolecular dynamics package, LAMMPS. Additionally, an algorithm to compute the pressure profile along the radial direction in spherical coordinates has also been implemented. The latter is particularly useful for systems showing a(More)
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