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Firefly algorithm has been shown to yield good performance for solving various optimization problems. However, under some conditions, FA may converge prematurely and thus may be trapped in local optima due to loss of population diversity. To overcome this defect, inspired by the concept of opposition-based learning, a strategy to increase the performance of(More)
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment is based on the traditional diagnose method to distinguish the TCM syndrome, not the disease. So there is a phenomenon in the relationship between TCM syndrome and disease, called Same TCM Syndrome for Different Diseases and Different TCM Syndrome for Same Disease. In this study, we demonstrated the molecular(More)
ZHENG is the key theory in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and it is very important to find the molecular pharmacology of traditional Chinese herbal formulae. One ZHENG is related to many diseases and the herbal formulae are aiming to ZHENG. Therefore, many herbal formulae whose effects on a certain disease have been confirmed might also treat other(More)
The considerable increase of investment in research and development by the pharmaceutical industry over the past three decades has not added the number of approved new drugs. An important issue ignored by drug discovery practice is the multi-dimensional interaction network between drugs and their targets. Thus, it is essential to view drug actions through(More)
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