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Recent years have shown us the quick development of social network. For companies, microblog platform is more and more important as one source to disseminate brand information and monitor their development. Compared with the frequently used text information existing in traditional media, microblog platform provides information about brands in more types(More)
Mid-level semantic attributes have obtained some success in image retrieval and re-ranking. However, due to the semantic gap between the low-level feature and intermediate semantic concept, information loss is considerable in the process of converting the low-level feature to semantic concept. To tackle this problem, we tried to bridge the semantic gap by(More)
Product image search aims to retrieve similar product images based on a query image. While deep learning based features work well in retrieving images of the same category (e.g. “searching for T-shirts from all the clothing images”), they perform poorly when retrieving variants of images within the same category (e.g. “searching for uniform of Chelsea(More)
In order to solve the low accuracy problem of GPU-based FFT, a mixed precision method is employed in this paper. A "precision cache" method is proposed as the supplement of the mixed precision method to calculate of twiddle factor. A work group split method is used to reduce the latency of access global memory frequently. The mixed precision FFT achieves 3(More)