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In order to study on the relationship between Escherichia coli AppA phytase's thermostability and salt bridges, and indicate an effective technical route of which factor to think about and where to modify at AppA for enhancing its thermostability, a salt bridge subtraction mutant E31Q and a salt bridge addition mutant Q307D were constructed by site-directed(More)
Despite recent advances in our understanding of the importance of protein surface properties for protein thermostability,there are seldom studies on multi-factors rational design strategy, so a more scientific, simple and effective rational strategy is urgent for protein engineering. Here, we first attempted to use a three-factors rational design strategy(More)
Haptic interface is a human-machine interface that can provide feedback based on recreating the sense of touch by applying force, vibrations or motion to the users. Recently, a variety of haptic devices, such as PHANTOM, have been proposed. However, outside the academic sphere, few people feel familiar with either these devices or haptic technology. One(More)
There is a vast development and significant involvement of haptic interfaces in the world for virtual reality applications. In this paper, we introduce the research and development of desktop versions of friendly human interface called SPIDAR haptic interfaces on the Sato Makoto Laboratory in the Tokyo Institute of Technology. This haptic interface can be(More)
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