Shuhan Liu

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Under rapid urban sprawl in Northeast China, land conversions are not only encroaching on the quantity of cultivated lands, but also posing a great threat to black soil conservation and food security. This study's aim is to explore the spatial relationship between comprehensive cultivated soil heavy metal pollution and peri-urban land use patterns in the(More)
Forecasting crop chemical characteristics based on soil properties is not only a possible way to spare supplementary sampling and testing, but also a potential method of instructing cultivation planning based on regional soil surveys. In this paper, taking the data of regional agricultural geological survey on Helianthus annuus sources in the western part(More)
Ecological land is a land use category provided with considerable ecological value and a vital indicator reflecting regional eco-environmental quality. However, it has experienced severe fragmentation during the rapid urbanization in China which strongly threatened the regional ecological security, land use pattern and human living environment. Therefore,(More)
This paper proposes a fuzzy group decision-making model based on a logarithm compatibility measure with multiplicative trapezoidal fuzzy preference relations (MTFPRs) based on a continuous ordered weighted geometric averaging (COWGA) operator. New concepts are presented to measure deviation between MTFPR and its expected fuzzy preference relation. Then, an(More)
This article explicitly stated the concept of national value chain and “chain mode innovation” from the two perspectives: first is to organize capable enterprises embedded in the value chain of global industry, and urge them to stretch on both ends of the “smiling curve” to reach a higher level of cooperation, and then catch the leading position of the(More)
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