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Calcium montmorillonite clay reduces AFB1 and FB1 biomarkers in rats exposed to single and co‐exposures of aflatoxin and fumonisin
Aflatoxins (AFs) and fumonisins (FBs) can co‐contaminate foodstuffs and have been associated with hepatocellular and esophageal carcinomas in humans at high risk for exposure. One strategy to reduceExpand
Sequential dietary exposure to aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 in F344 rats increases liver preneoplastic changes indicative of a synergistic interaction.
Dietary co-exposure to aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and fumonisin B1 (FB1) and their interaction on hepatocellular carcinogenesis is of particular concern in toxicology and public health. In this study weExpand
Modulation of pre-neoplastic biomarkers induced by sequential aflatoxin B1 and fumonisin B1 exposure in F344 rats treated with UPSN clay.
Populations consuming aflatoxin (AF) and fumonisin (FN)-contaminated foods may be at increased risk for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and developmental disorders; consequently, development ofExpand
Fludarabine Inhibits Infection of Zika Virus, SFTS Phlebovirus, and Enterovirus A71
Viral infections are one of the leading causes in human mortality and disease. Broad-spectrum antiviral drugs are a powerful weapon against new and re-emerging viruses. However, viral resistance toExpand