Shugo Siba

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  • S Siba
  • Hepato-gastroenterology
  • 1983
Faecal occult blood screening studies employing the Haemoccult test were undertaken at six Hungarian gastroenterological centres. 3,791 subjects over the age of 45 years were screened. 97 positives were found and examined in detail. 24 colorectal tumors were discovered. In 13% of the positive cases the source of the bleeding could not be detected. While(More)
Although esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) patients have recently been treated with the combined modality therapy, the prognosis remains poor. For the development of new strategies in ESCC, we examined possibilities of the immune -based therapy with cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) and the molecular targeting therapy for HER2 against ESCC in this study.(More)
Haemoccult screening for colorectal tumours was carried out in Hungary in small cities and villages around Budapest. Haemoccult slides were supplied to 17,662 individuals over 40 years of age, and 15,431 (87%) were returned. Of these, 346 (2.2%) were positive and 18 colorectal carcinomas were detected. Additionally, 24 patients with one or more polyps(More)
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