Shugene Lynn

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A peptide-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) can be used for retrospective serosurveillance of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) by helping identify undetected chains of disease transmission. The assay was developed by epitope mapping, using synthetic peptides from the spike, membrane, and nucleocapsid protein sequences of(More)
The activities of DNA polymerization and DNA ligation in extract of Chinese hamster ovary cells were both stimulated by MgCl2. DNA polymerization was stimulated by MgCl2 above 0.25 mM, whereas, MgCl2 above 2 mM was required to stimulate DNA ligation. The activity of DNA polymerization maintained a plateau at MgCl2 1–12 mM, whereas DNA ligation reached a(More)
Introduction: The UBITh-VP1 synthetic peptide-based vaccine for FMDV O, formulated as a water-in-oil emulsion, was evaluated in an emergency application single dose efficacy trial by the National Institute of Animal Health in Taiwan. Two groups having six 8-12 week old pigs each were given single injections of either 2.0 ml or 1.0 ml of the UBITh-VP1(More)
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