Shufeng Huang

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has been widely recognized as a promising way to deploy new services and protocols in future networks. The programmability and control offered by SDN networks enables users and applications to define virtually every aspect of the network architecture. Unfortunately, this flexibility comes at a cost - a cost that has the(More)
Reliable transport protocols that offer low per-packet delays are becoming increasingly important, particularly for critical infrastructure services. Forward error correction (FEC) protocols have been used to reduce per-packet delays, but are only reliable if the error rate remains below a threshold. In this paper we present a reliable FEC protocol that(More)
Network virtualization is becoming a fundamental building block of future Internet architectures. Although the underlying network infrastructure needed to dynamically create and deploy custom virtual networks is rapidly taking shape (e.g., GENI), constructing and using a virtual network is still a challenging and labor intensive task, one best left to(More)
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