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This paper examines the pricing issues of the green supply chain for home appliances industry by using game theory and contract coordination theory. Considering the influences of the effective recycle behavior of the used home appliances to the whole supply chain, the paper proposes a game model for the portfolio pricing for the wholesale, retail and(More)
Cloud computing, as a brand new and powerful computing model, is achieving increased popularity. Its emergence will provide extraordinary opportunities for firms, especially Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), to innovate and develop their electronic business. The paper starts with the discussion of the difficulties and challenges faced by SMBs during their(More)
Green supply chain management is a kind of effective management approach for home appliance industry to pursue the strategy of sustainable development and improve the product international competitiveness. In this paper, a game model is proposed to study the relationship and game status between enterprises and consumers in green supply chain of home(More)
According to the reality that visitor's expectations for search quality are far beyond what today's overseas university websites actually deliver, the paper discusses some usability and optimization issues in the overseas university websites. Taking a British university-Bournemouth University as an example, the paper makes a detailed analysis by identifying(More)
From the perspectives of the operational objectives of the green supply chain management and in consideration of its economic efficiency, social and environmental impact as well as its unique characteristics, this paper examines the pricing issues of the green supply chain for home appliances industry by using game theory. Considering the influences of the(More)
Internet Marketing can help companies get more traffic to their website and extend their business reach. Taking one language training centre named as Zhuhai New-Concept Training Centre (ZHNCTC) as an example, this paper details some Internet marketing tactics, including approaches to increase website traffic, methods to improve the "time on site" and "pages(More)
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