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The oxygen distribution in the retina of six anesthetized macaques was investigated as a model for retinal oxygenation in the human retina in and adjacent to the fovea. P(O2) was measured as a function of retinal depth under normal physiological conditions in light and dark adaptation with O(2) microelectrodes. Oxygen consumption (Q(O2)) of the(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effects of hyperoxia on retinal oxygenation and oxygen consumption in the detached feline retina. METHODS Retinal detachment was created in nine intact anesthetized cats by injecting 0.25% sodium hyaluronate in balanced salt solution into the subretinal space. Oxygen microelectrodes were used to collect spatial profiles of(More)
PURPOSE Transient changes in intraretinal oxygen tension (PO(2)) in response to light stimuli were studied in order to understand the dynamics of light-evoked changes in photoreceptor oxidative metabolism. METHODS PO(2) changes during illumination were recorded by double-barreled microelectrodes in the outer part of the perifoveal retina in five macaques(More)
In this work, we proposed a patchy predator-prey model with one patch as refuge and the other as open habitat, and incorporated prey refuge in the considered model explicitly. We applied an analytical approach to study the dynamic consequences of the simplest forms of refuge used by prey and the migration efficiency. The results have shown that the refuge(More)
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