Shuenn Gi Lee

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In this research, we present a joint channel tracking and maximal a posteriori (MAP) symbol detection method for orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) systems in time-varying fading channels. In contrast to some existing joint estimation and detection schemes that perform channel tracking in time-domain, we propose an algorithm that do both(More)
The forward error correction (FEC) code in IEEE 802.16a OFDM mode deals with six mandatory options for different data rates. Different from WLAN systems, IEEE 802.16a OFDM system incorporates Reed-Solomon (RS) encoder of (255,239,8) with convolutional encoder as a concatenated code. This paper presents the performances of the six mandatory options with(More)
In this paper, we evaluate a synchronization scheme for carrier frequency offset (CFO) and tuning offset (TO) in IEEE 802.16e subscriber station (SS). In addition, we integrate both inner receiver and outer receiver to evaluate the performances under SUI-4 channel. According to the simulation results, the proposed algorithms resolve CFO and TO effectively(More)
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