Shuehi Kurashima

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EXPRESSION OF CD33 ANTIGEN ON NORMAL HUMAN ACTIVATED T LYMPHOCYTES To the Editor. granulocytes in vivo. However, it has not been detected on eryCD33 antigen (glycoprotein M, 67,000). detected by the monoWe successfully detected the expressions of CD33 antigen on norclonal antibodies (MoAbs) MY-9 and Leu-M9, is in highest conmal human peripheral CD4+ T and(More)
We developed a positioning system using impulse radio UWB. The system consists of tags equipped only with transmitters and nodes provided with both transmitters and receivers. The system calculates the position of the tags using the TDOA method, whereby some nodes receive the UWB pulses sent from a tag. The tag is operated with a coin battery, and sends UWB(More)
We have monitored the interaction of several lipids with the bovine brain calmodulin(CaM) and analyzed the effect of lysophosphatidylcholine(lyso-PC, 2-50 micrograms/ml) on conformation of CaM and the interaction between CaM and CaM-binding protein(CaMBP), using a fluorescence signal of 1-(dimethylamino)naphthalene-5-sulfonate-labeled CaM(DNS-CaM).(More)
Activity recognition is possible to be used to understand behavior of infants and effective for health and development of children. In our previous study, action of children were assumed as sleeping, sitting, hand motion, walking, running, and playing. Revise of action items were, however, required because it was difficult to calculate calorie consumption(More)
A new synthetic route to (E)-beta-phenyl-alpha,beta-dehydroalanine (delta(E)Phe)-containing peptide was presented via photochemical isomerization of the corresponding (Z)-beta-phenyl-alpha,beta-dehydroalanine (delta(Z)Phe)-containing peptide. By applying this method to Boc-Ala-delta(Z)Phe-Val-OMe (Z-I: Boc, t-butoxycarbonyl; OMe, methoxy),(More)
Childhood obesity is considered as a risk of likely adulthood obesity. Health management system for children to prevent it is, however, not sufficient. The authors' research group has been studying a monitoring system of child growth named Kinder-Guardian system for it. In this system, activity recognition algorithm for children was used as a method for(More)
An immunomagnetic separation system has been used to collect CD34+ cells in mobilized blood after treatment with a nylon-wool column. Cell purities were increased from 2.6% preseparation to 94.6% postseparation, with a mean yield 45.2% (n = 4). Forty percent of CD34+ cells separated by the immunomagnetic procedure formed colonies in the presence of(More)
OBJECTIVES Activity-based costing (ABC) is widely used to precisely allocate indirect costs to medical services. In the ABC method, the indirect cost is divided among the medical services in proportion to the volume of "cost drivers", for example, labor hours and the number of hours of surgery. However, the workload of data collection of cost drivers can be(More)
Neither activation nor depression of murine peritoneal macrophages or lymphoid cells modified the suppressive effect of the virus-inhibiting factor or interferon on the multiplication of Ehrlich's ascitic cancer cells in mice.
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