Shueh-Cheng Hu

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A number of steps are required to create comprehensive, flexible electronic editions of ancient documents, especially those whose visual quality has degraded and those available in multiple versions. Besides acquisition and display of materials, support is required for interrelating variants, and interfaces are needed to allow deriving and justifying new(More)
The Cervantes Project is creating an Electronic Variorum Edition of Ce rvantes well-known Don Quixote. This paper gives an overview of the computer-based tools that we are using in this endeavor, and summarizes the current status of the project. The Electronic Variorum Edition will join the other content elements maintained by the project, which focuses on(More)
The current approach of packing and delivering instructional materials in asynchronous Web-based learning environments has a number of intrinsic drawbacks. To resolve them, it is rational to provide instructional data and activities in the form of services. To conduct service-composed instructional processes in cloud learning environments, a mechanism for(More)
With increasing and various pedagogical activities are conducted within them, computer-aided learning environments play significant roles in educational institutes, enterprises, and organizations. The cost of operating computer-aided learning environments inevitably goes up along with increasing demands from instructors and learners. Consequently, it is a(More)
Mistakenly-tagged low prices are harmful to online merchants but difficult to avoid completely, thus it is meaningful to track shoppers' abnormal response to them and develop resolutions accordingly. In light of relevant issues received rare attention from both practitioners and researchers, this work aimed to identify shoppers' typical behavioural(More)
Research on periodic pattern mining has gained a great attention in the past decade. Periodic pattern mining discovers valid periodic patterns in a time-related dataset. This study proposed an efficient 2-D linked structure and the OEOP (One Event One Pattern) algorithm to discover all kinds of valid segments in each single event sequence. Then, this study(More)