Shuechin Huang

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Robinson’s generalized Newton’s method for nonlinear functions with values in a cone is extended to mappings on Riemannian manifolds with values in a cone. When Df satisfies the L-average Lipschitz condition, we use the majorizing function technique to establish the semi-local quadratic convergence of the sequences generated by the extended Newton’s method.(More)
In this paper, we study certain Fuchsian groups H (p1, . . . , pn) , called generalized Hecke groups. These groups are isomorphic to ∏∗ n j=1Zpj . Let Γ be a subgroup of finite index in H (p1, . . . , pn) . By Kurosh’s theorem, Γ is isomorphic to Fr ∗ ∏∗ k i=1Zmi , where Fr is a free group of rank r , and each mi divides some pj . Moreover, H/Γ is Riemann(More)
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