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The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND) (http://bind.ca) archives biomolecular interaction, reaction, complex and pathway information. Our aim is to curate the details about molecular interactions that arise from published experimental research and to provide this information, as well as tools to enable data analysis, freely to researchers(More)
BACKGROUND The majority of experimentally verified molecular interaction and biological pathway data are present in the unstructured text of biomedical journal articles where they are inaccessible to computational methods. The Biomolecular interaction network database (BIND) seeks to capture these data in a machine-readable format. We hypothesized that the(More)
Mapping protein-protein interactions is an invaluable tool for understanding protein function. Here, we report the first large-scale study of protein-protein interactions in human cells using a mass spectrometry-based approach. The study maps protein interactions for 338 bait proteins that were selected based on known or suspected disease and functional(More)
Graph-based search algorithms, established on service relationship graph, are a kind of Web Service automatic composition approach. However, it is difficult to construct the graph when service repository contains a large quantity of services possessed intricate semantic relationship. With the respect to handle these problems, we proposed a novel algorithm.(More)
The ability to reason about and respond to their own emotional states can enhance the believability of Non-Player Characters (NPCs). In this paper, we use a Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP)-based framework to model emotion over time. A two-level appraisal model, involving quick and reactive vs. slow and deliberate appraisals, is proposed(More)
At present, the scale and diversity of Web information are immense. Acquiring Web information simply relies on search engine which is increasingly unable to meet user needs, thus Web information extraction (WebIE) technology attracts widely attentions. In this paper, a framework of distributed multi-slot WebIE system based on agent is proposed. It includes(More)
Agricultural production is greatly affected by factors such as climate, soil and light. The same crops in different regions and the different crops in the same area ask for different natural conditions. Even if the same crop in the same area, at its different stages of growth, the degree of external influence are not all the same. At the same time, there(More)
In this paper, the guaranteed cost control problem for a class of switched linear systems with norm-bounded time-varying parameter uncertainty is considered. With respect to a given quadratic cost function, a sufficient condition for the existence of guaranteed cost state feedback controllers is derived based on the convex combination technique. A procedure(More)
At present, there are various courses and complicated course relationship in universities, which is not good for students to make rational course arrangement. To address this, Course Relationship Network System (CRNS) is implemented. It proposes a marked traversal algorithm based on depth-first approach which helps to show the relationship between courses(More)