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We propose a nonlocal random walks (NRW) algorithm to generate accurate depth from 2D images based on user interaction. First, a graphical model is proposed where edges are corresponding to links between local and nonlocal neighboring pixels. Local edges are weighted by a pixel dissimilarity measure, and spatial distances are incorporated into calculation(More)
To treat the problem of identification performance and the complexity of the algorithm, we proposed a piecewise linear representation and dynamic time warping (PLR-DTW) method for ECG biometric identification. Firstly we detected R peaks to get the heartbeats after denoising preprocessing. Then we used the PLR method to keep important information of an ECG(More)
IEEE Std 1708-2014 breaks through the traditional standards of cuff based blood pressure measuring devices and establishes a normative definition of wearable cuffless blood pressure measuring devices and the objective performance evaluation of this kind of devices. This study firstly introduces the background of the new standard. Then, the standard details(More)
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