Shudai Ishikawa

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In this paper, a new optimization method, which is effective for the problem that the optimum solution should be searched in several solution spaces, is proposed. The proposed method is an extension of distributed genetic algorithm (DGA), in which each sub-population searches a solution in different space. Based on the competition between sub-populations,(More)
In this paper a new optimization technique which is effective for hierarchical optimization problem is proposed. This technique is an extension of the multiple-competitive distributed genetic algorithm (mcDGA). This method consists of two levels upper and lower. The solution space to be searched is determined at the upper level, and the optimum solution in(More)
Hierarchical optimization is an optimization method that is divided the problem into several levels of hierarchy. In hierarchical optimization, a complex problem is divided into simpler sub-problems, and each level is optimized independently. Several hierarchical optimization techniques have been proposed, including the hierarchical genetic algorithm (HGA).(More)
The signal sources localization is a very important study, and many researchers work on this problem by various methods. A genetic algorithm (GA) is probabilistic search method based on a process of the evolution. GA is applied to many real problems, because it has high versatility and search ability. However, in the conventional GA, the reproduction(More)
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