Shucheng Huang

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Many applications generate continuous, time-changing data streams. Mining it for an adaptive classifier is of great interest and challenge. Many previous efforts impractically assume the labeled data is available and can be mined at anytime. In this paper, we propose an effective active learning method to mine time-changing data streams efficiently. It(More)
How to determine the low dimensional manifold is a challenging problem. Locality Preserving Projections (LPP) can gracefully deal with it. With the help of discriminant information provided by Discriminant Locality Preserving Projection (DLPP), the performance of face recognition can be significantly improved. In the real world, the DLPP has the Small(More)
Detecting communities in complex networks is an important problem. Spectral method has been successfully used to solve data clustering and community detection problems. However getting the proper eigenvectors is usually difficult and depends on extra thresholds. In this paper, we devise an effective method to choose suitable eigenvectors. The method needs(More)
This paper proposes a subspace learning method, named as sparse tensor canonical correlation analysis (ST-CCA), for color face recognition. A sample image is formalized as high-order tensors to preserve the inherent structure of the color face images. We utilize sparse canonical correlation analysis (SCCA) to choose gene. For each pair of tensors, SCCA(More)
For articulated dump truck driven by six electric wheels, to adopt existing differential control strategies to enhance the dynamic performance is difficult. In order to solve this problem, a differential control strategy is proposed on the basis of the driving force hierarchical control. The control principles of two common differential control strategies(More)
Focusing on the coupled dynamics between electric power steering (EPS) system and traction control system (TCS) and in order to improve the steering stability and dynamic performance of the four-wheel drive vehicle, a hierarchical coordinated control strategy of EPS and TCS was proposed. Firstly, a high-order and nonlinear dynamic model was built based on(More)
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