Shubo Zhang

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We present a novel algorithm called PR, which initializes cluster centers based on pointer ring. PR partitions traditional hyper-rectangular units further to hyper-triangle subspaces. It takes the geometric center of a unit as its symmetrical center. With the interconnections between the center and vertices of the unit, we get 2D hyper-triangle subspaces(More)
Despite the increasing importance of robotics, there is a significant challenge involved in teaching this to undergraduate students in biomedical engineering (BME) and other related disciplines in which robotics techniques could be readily applied. This paper addresses this challenge through the development and pilot testing of a bio-microrobotics case(More)
When a disaster happens, evacuation in a building can be dangerous. It is well known that trained leaders have an important influence on saving human lives in emergency evacuation. In this paper, we present a novel distributed multi-robot system for guiding people in an emergency evacuation mission. A closed environment, which is represented by the means of(More)
Similarity computation among queries is a central step of query recommendation based on click information in search log. In this step, weights of clicked URLs or clicked document terms, which may have a large influence on similarity computation results, are mostly counted based on co-occurrence. However, counting weights based on co-occurrence are unusually(More)
Composition identification is an important topic of science research. With the help of spectral analysis, it can be completed much faster. However, the effectiveness of spectral analysis highly depends on reliability of reference spectrums and similarity measurement formulas. To overcome main obstacles of spectral analysis, the paper presents new concept of(More)
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