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PURPOSE The anatomic origin for prepubertal vowel acoustic differences between male and female subjects remains unknown. The purpose of this study is to examine developmental sex differences in vocal tract (VT) length and its oral and pharyngeal portions. METHOD Nine VT variables were measured from 605 imaging studies (magnetic resonance imaging and(More)
The growth of the vocal tract (VT) is known to be non-uniform insofar as there are regional differences in anatomic maturation. This study presents quantitative anatomic data on the growth of the oral and pharyngeal portions of the VT from 605 imaging studies for individuals between birth and 19 years. The oral (horizontal) portion of the VT was segmented(More)
Although there are numerous publications on amygdala vol-umetry, so far there has not been many studies on modeling local amyg-dala surface shape variations in a rigorous framework. This paper present a systematic framework for modeling local amygdala shape. Using a novel surface flattening technique, we obtain a smooth mapping from the amygdala surface to(More)
We explored the possibility of developing an automatic diagnostic tool for detecting autism based on MRI measurements. Since the two previous structural imaging studies [1] [2] strongly suggested there were significant abnormality in the corpus callosum (CC) region, the methodology is concentrated in this area. For this purpose , we have developed a new(More)
Inhibition of hepatic transporters such as organic anion transporting polypeptides (OATPs) 1B can cause drug-drug interactions (DDIs). Determining the impact of perpetrator drugs on the plasma exposure of endogenous substrates for OATP1B could be valuable to assess the risk for DDIs early in drug development. As OATP1B orthologs are well conserved between(More)
We present a new tensor-based morphometric framework that quantifies cortical shape variations using the local area element. The local area element is obtained from the Rie-mannian metric tensors, which are, in turn, obtained from the smooth functional parametrization of a triangle mesh. For the smooth parametrization, we have developed a novel weighted(More)
In this report, we propose a novel automatic and computationally efficient method of Fourier imaging analysis using Fourier transform. Besides Fourier transform's many applications, one can use Fourier transform to select significant frequencies of an observed noisy signal, which can be applied as a model selection tools of (weighted) Fourier series(More)