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Redundant code obstructs program understanding and contributes to high maintenance costs. While most experts agree on that, opinions - on how serious the problem of redundancies really is and how to tackle it - differ. In this paper, we present the study of redundancies in the Java Buffer library, JDK 1.4.1, which was recently released by Sun. We found that(More)
– In a previous study, we analyzed similarity patterns in the Java Buffer library, JDK 1.5. We observed many similar classes, methods and yet smaller fragments-elements of class design. We argued that, given the design goals, it was difficult to avoid those repetitions with conventional design techniques. We also argued that the reasons why the problem(More)
In this paper, a quasi-negative binomial distribution (QNBD) derived from the class of generalized Lagrangian probability distributions is studied. The negative binomial distribution is a special case of QNBD. Some properties of QNBD, including the upper tail behavior and limiting distributions, are investigated. It is shown that the moments do not exist in(More)
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