Shubi Kaijage

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Leak detection in transmission pipelines is crucially important for safe operation. Delay in detecting leaks leads to loss of property and human life in fire hazards and loss of valuable material. Leaking of methane and hydrocarbon gas causes negative impacts on the eco system such as global warming and air pollution. Pipeline leak detection systems play a(More)
This paper presents dispersion characteristics of a decagonal photonic crystal fiber (D-PCF) for the first time. The finite difference method (FDM) with an anisotropic perfectly matched boundary layer (PML) is used to investigate the chromatic dispersion characteristics. It is shown through numerical simulation results that D-PCFs can be used as a(More)
The rapid urbanization of developing countries coupled with explosion in construction of high rising buildings and the high power usage in them calls for conservation and efficient energy program. Such a programme require monitoring of end-use appliances energy consumption in real-time. The worldwide recent adoption of smart-meter in smart-grid, has led to(More)
Many different wireless sensor nodes for gas pipeline leak detection and location has been proposed but still there are challenges particularly on environmental issues and signal accuracy. This paper discusses theories and environmental constraints for wireless sensor nodes, a case study of Dar es Salaam Tanzania and finally presents a design and simulation(More)
Recently, animal emotion recognition has become an important field for developing intelligent systems for tracking and monitoring rhinos and elephants. In this work, a smart sensing system that helps in detecting animal emotions based on information from physiological parameters obtained from sensors attached on animal body, has been designed. The signals(More)
Road accidents are the serious humanity and public health issue in Tanzania. The problem is increasing day by day. Apart from the loss of many lives, the effect of the road crashes on the country’s economy is massive. In Tanzania Human factors is the main contribution of major road crashes while over-speeding and drinking driving is one of the accelerating(More)
Stochastic modeling is a key technique in event prediction and forecasting applications. Recently, stochastic models such as the Artificial Neural Network, Hidden Markov, and Markov Chain have received a significant attention in agricultural application. These techniques are capable of predicting the actions for the better planning and management in various(More)
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