Shubhendu Bhaduri

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Intra-abdominal Hernias are rare conditions usually secondary to congenital defects, with pericecal hernias accounting for a minority of them. They can be difficult to diagnose due to non-specific presentations but may lead to strangulation and thus require early management. We herein report a rare case of pericecal hernia with gangrenous appendicitis in an(More)
Background: Prospective analytical study to evaluate the Veress needle technique for creating pneumoperitoneum in terms of safety profile. Materials and methods: A total of 4,014 patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery for different reasons in which Veress needle was the technique to create pneumoperitoneum were included in the study during the period of(More)
A 65-year-old MSM (man who has sex with men) gentleman commenced ARTat the time of his HIV diagnosis 16 years previously. Since his diagnosis, he had been on a number of different ART regimens including those containing the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor didanosine (DDI). Five years after diagnosis with HIV, abnormal liver function was noted,(More)
INTRODUCTION Post traumatic diaphragmatic hernia is very often missed particularly in polytrauma patients. We present case of an isolated post traumatic diaphragmatic hernia with strangulation, a very rare finding. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 35 year old man presented with features of intestinal obstruction with past history of a seemingly trivial blunt(More)
1. The incidence of broad sensitization has decreased significantly over the past 8 years, probably due to a decrease in pretransplant blood transfusions. Graft survival rates among broadly sensitized patients have improved over this time period (76% graft survival at 2 years posttransplant for patients transplanted in 1995-1996 compared with 66% for(More)
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