Shubhasish Goswami

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BACKGROUND Pretreating biomass with ionic liquids (IL) increases enzyme accessibility and cellulose is typically recovered through precipitation with an anti-solvent. An industrially feasible pretreatment and hydrolysis process requires robust cellulases that are stable and active in the presence of either small amounts of ILs co-precipitated with recovered(More)
β-glucosidase (EC; BG) cleaves β-glucosidic linkages in disaccharide or glucose-substituted molecules. In an effort towards designing better BGs, we focused on the role of non-conserved residues across an otherwise homologous BG active site tunnel and designed mutants across the aglycone-binding site (V169C) and the gatekeeper residues (I246A) of(More)
Most β-glucosidases are subjected to inhibition by the final hydrolysis product glucose resulting in the accumulation of cellobiose and oligosaccharides. This accumulated cellobiose and oligosaccharides further inhibit the activities of endoglucanase and cellobiohydrolases, resulting in the inhibition of cellulose degradation and a more expensive biofuel.(More)
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