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In Wireless Network, we will not limit the boundaries of network because it makes vulnerable association among the users. Therefore, the detection of intrusion attacks in wireless networks is challenging security issues. The various types of attacks can be detected by using various methods. The change or modification in the traffic flow studied in this(More)
With the dramatic evolution of various greener disk and memory technologies, helped in rapid establishment of Hybrid storage environment comprising of heterogeneous storage units. In order to provide an efficient and optimised storage solution there exists a necessity of adapting smarter changes in the management stack that enables compact sensing,(More)
— The application of image retrieval is widely used from the huge database and hence becoming one of the challenging research problem since from decade. Due to the sensory gap, the process of image retrieval failed. Recently there are many methods presented for automatic annotation, indexing as well as annotation-based retrieval of images. The Markov Chain(More)
According to conventional wisdom, we currently suffer from a storage of spectrum. This supposedly limits our ability to introduce new wireless products and services. In actually, if one measures spectrum utilization at a given time, much of spectrum will not be used because we want to prevent interference which causes the loss of packets. In our approach we(More)
With the kind of growth that enterprises are witnessing, their enterprise data, especially the unstructured data, is growing like never before. This trend has led to an increase in the competition among various cloud storage services which are providing a wide range of options for storing data online. The access APIs offered by most cloud storage service(More)
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