Shubhanshu Shekhar

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This paper explains the reason behind pull-in time being more than pull-up time of many Radio Frequency Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (RF MEMS) switches at actuation voltages comparable to the pull-in voltage. Analytical expressions for pull-in and pull-up time are also presented. Experimental data as well as finite element simulations of(More)
Species tree reconstruction from genomic data is increasingly performed using methods that account for sources of gene tree discordance such as incomplete lineage sorting. One popular method for reconstructing species trees from unrooted gene tree topologies is AS-TRAL. In this paper, we derive theoretical sample complexity results for the number of genes(More)
In this paper a new spike train distance measure has been proposed, which is purely dependent on statistical features of the two spike trains, the distance between which is to be measured. The accuracy can be improved by increasing the number of features. Here we have selected only two features and reported performance with high accuracy on spike trains(More)
Neurons in the central nervous system communicate with each other with the help of series of Action Potentials, or spike trains. Various studies have shown that neurons encode information in different features of spike trains, such as the fine temporal structure, mean firing rate, synchrony etc. An important step in understanding the encoding of information(More)
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