Shubhanjali Sharma

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Wireless sensor network most recently used technology. Different routing protocols and topologies are used to transmit data from source to sink. A tree based routing technique is based on tree topology whereas parent-child relationship is used to forward the packet. Security is also a major issue in transmission that should be considered. A packet that is(More)
A wireless sensor network is basically a data communication system that consists of from several to thousands of tiny wireless sensor nodes. These battery powered sensor nodes work with each other to accomplish data transmission. Since the lifetime of wireless sensor network depends on such battery powered sensor nodes, hop counts and battery power have(More)
The popularity of wireless sensor networks (WSN) in the various applications related to weather monitoring, activity monitoring, fire monitoring, underwater application, snow & avalanche studies, etc. The WSN sensors are battery running devices, hence prone to the energy efficiency problems. There are several energy efficient solutions in existence which(More)
The basic purpose of wireless sensor network is to optimize residual energy of nodes and extend the life-time of network. This paper provides an improved algorithm for cluster head selection by reducing network overhead on clusters and transmits the data from source to sink through expanding nodes' life-time. This paper provides method for transmitting data(More)
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