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Sludge, soil and leachate samples collected from a chromium-contaminated tannery waste dumping site in Kanpur, India, were found to contain considerable amounts of Cr(VI), despite the fresh tannery sludge containing little or no Cr(VI). Literature reports suggested that dry Cr(III) precipitates could be converted to Cr(VI) when heated in the presence of(More)
Nowadays companies operate in a difficult environment: the dynamics of innovations increase and product life cycles become shorter. Therefore, companies need new methods for the planning of manufacturing systems. One promising approach in this context is digital factory/virtual production—the modeling and analysis of computer models of the planned factory(More)
A communication system has a great demand for increasing the high broadband limit and to achieve a much better network coverage. Radio over Fiber holds a great potential to yield a better efficiency for the present wireless broadband communication systems. Radio over fiber cater to an untethered access to the systems for applications like low line losses,(More)
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