Shubham Omar

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A quantitative ethnobotanical approach to antimalarial drug discovery led to the identification of Lansium domesticum Corr. Ser. (Meliaceae) as an important antimalarial used by Kenyah Dyak healers in Indonesian Borneo. Triterpenoid lansiolides with antimalarial activity were isolated from the bark and shown to have activity in both in vitro bioassays with(More)
Wood and bark extracts of 14 eastern North American hardwood tree species which were used traditionally as medicine by First Nation's people were screened for antimicrobial activities with eight strains of bacteria and six strains of fungi. Eighty-six percent of the bark extracts were active against methicillin sensitive Staphylococcus aureus; 71% against(More)
The ad-hoc networks are the temporarily established wireless networks which does not require fixed infrastructure it is also called as infrastructure less network. There is no central control authority in ad-hoc network. Because of some flaws of ad-hoc network such as shared wireless medium and lack of any central coordination makes them more prone to(More)
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