Shubham Khunteta

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In this paper, a novel method of multi channel speech dereverberation using modified generalized sidelobe canceller (MGSC) is proposed. This method utilizes the knowledge of adaptive beamforming (ABF) and linear prediction residual cepstrum (LPRC) technique to perform dereverberation. The LPRC is applied at the beamformed output to generate the signal which(More)
Machine Type Communication (MTC) device for cellular communication is being defined by 3GPP based on LTE in Rel-12 and Rel-13. Low cost has been the major objective of the definition for Rel-12 based specification. In Rel-13, coverage enhancement of MTC devices has been the major focus along with reduced power consumption, complexity and narrow bandwidth(More)
In this paper, an adaptive framework for audio retrieval in live teleconferencing environments with multiple participants is proposed. The framework uses a non reference anchor array (NRA) to capture the interfering speech sources, in addition to the primary array that captures the speech source of interest (SOI). A linearly constrainedminimum variance(More)
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