Shubhabrata Mukherjee

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The problem of hypothesis testing and interval estimation of the reliability parameter in a stress–strength model involving two-parameter exponential distributions is considered. Test and interval estimation procedures based on the generalized variable approach are given. Statistical properties of the generalized variable approach and an asymptotic method(More)
In this article we propose inferential procedures for a gamma distribution using the Wilson–Hilferty (WH) normal approximation. Specifically, using the result that the cube root of a gamma random variable is approximately normally distributed, we propose normal-based approaches for a gamma distribution for (a) constructing prediction limits, one-sided(More)
Data mining, the discovery of knowledge from data, bridges several disciplines such as database management, artificial intelligence, statistics, visualization and the domain of the data, e.g., biology or engineering. Knowledge discovered by mining the data can be used for various purposes such as developing decision support systems and intelligent tutors.(More)
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