Shuba Srinivasan

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Year after year, managers strive to improve financial performance and firm value through marketing actions such as new product introductions and promotional incentives. This study investigates the shortand long-term impact of such marketing actions on financial metrics, including top-line, bottom-line, and stock market performance. The authors apply(More)
two anonymous reviewers of the MSI proposal competition and of the Journal of Marketing for their invaluable comments and suggestions. The paper also benefited from comments by seminar participants at the 2002 Year after year, managers strive to improve financial performance and firm value by marketing actions such as new product introductions and(More)
While there has been strong managerial and academic interest in price promotions, much of the focus has been on the impact of such promotions on category sales, brand sales and brand choice. In contrast, little is known about the long-run impact of price promotions on manufacturer and retailer revenues and margins, although both marketing researchers and(More)
The marketing profession is being challenged to assess and communicate the value created by its actions on shareholder value. These demands create a need to translate marketing resource allocations and their performance consequences into financial and firm value effects. The objective of this paper is to integrate the existing knowledge on the impact of(More)
Under increased scrutiny from top management and shareholders, marketing managers feel the need to measure and communicate the impact of their actions on shareholder returns. In particular, how do customer value creation (through product innovation) and customer value communication (through marketing investments) affect stock returns? This paper examines(More)
T evaluate the success of a new product, managers need to determine how much of its new demand is due to cannibalizing the firm’s other products, rather than drawing from competition or generating primary demand. We introduce a time-varying vector error-correction model to decompose the base sales of a new product into its constituent sources. The model(More)
Managing pricing is a challenging task due to the significant impact on shares and the likelihood of strong consumer and competitor reaction. The major contributions of this paper are to assess comprehensive share response to temporary, evolving and structural changes in prices and to determine the level of market share as a function of levels of prices.(More)