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T o evaluate the success of a new product, managers need to determine how much of its new demand is due to cannibalizing the firm's other products, rather than drawing from competition or generating primary demand. We introduce a time-varying vector error-correction model to decompose the base sales of a new product into its constituent sources. The model(More)
D o price promotions generate additional revenue and for whom? Which brand, category, and market conditions influence promotional benefits and their allocation across manufacturers and retailers? To answer these questions, we conduct a large-scale econometric investigation of the effects of price promotions on manufacturer revenues, retailer revenues, and(More)
We thank Kantar Worldpanel France for providing the data used in this paper. The authors are listed in alphabetical order. The authors also thank participants at the Marketing Science Conference and the Marketing Dynamics Conference for their valuable suggestions. Abstract Marketing managers often use consumer attitude metrics such as awareness,(More)
Companies invest millions of dollars in various forms of marketing communications to important question for marketers and shareholders alike is: what effects do marketing investments have on market performance? To assess these effects, marketers estimate marketing-mix models by using regression analysis. However, we show that the estimation of marketing-mix(More)
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