Shuanhu Gao

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Covering: 2006 to 2015C-H functionalization remains one of the frontier challenges in organic chemistry and drives quite an active area of research. It has recently been applied in various novel strategies for the synthesis of natural products. It can dramatically increase synthetic efficiency when incorporated into retrosynthetic analyses of complex(More)
The first asymmetric total syntheses of scholarisine K and alstolactine A have been accomplished. Our syntheses feature (1) ring closure metathesis and an intramolecular Heck reaction to construct the 1,3-bridged [3,3,1] bicycle (C-D ring), (2) intramolecular alkylation followed by Fischer indolization to form the basic skeleton of akuammilines, and (3)(More)
[reaction: see text] A practical and efficient total synthesis of (+/-)-galanthamine was achieved from commercially available materials through a novel approach, in which the construction of its core structure and the special allylic alcohol group were based on a successive semipinacol rearrangement/desilyation/cyclization and Saegusa-Ito oxidation,(More)
Total synthesis of cryptocin, a fungus metabolite, was achieved based on the biosynthetic hypothesis. A variety of derivatives of cryptocin, equisetin and fusarisetin A were prepared, wherein the racemization of C-3 and diastereoselectivity of C-5 were investigated. We further examined their inhibitory effects on breast cancer cell survival and metastasis,(More)
Ophiobolin and variecolin type sesterterpenoids belong to cyclooctane-containing natural products. Both sesterterpenoids have challenging structures and appealing biological activities. We envisioned that a key tandem ring closing metathesis of dienynes could provide the basic skeleton of ophiobolin A and variecolin. We report herein the detailed(More)
We here report that the biosynthesis of equisetin, a fungal tetramate natural product with potent anti-infectious activity, relies on Fsa2, a Diels-Alderase that constructs the trans-decalin system of the molecule in a stereo-selective manner. This finding led to the development of a concise chemo-enzymatic route toward the synthesis of equisetin, which(More)
The first total synthesis of hamigerans D, G, L, and N-Q has been accomplished. A convergent approach was used to build the basic tricarbocyclic ring system bearing a 5-6-6 structure. A sequence of oxidative cleavage, homologation, and ring regeneration provided access to the 5-7-6 skeleton of hamigeran G. Based on the biogenetic hypothesis, elegant and(More)
Stereoselective construction of polycyclic rings with all-carbon quaternary centers, and vicinal all-carbon quaternary stereocenters, remains a significant challenge in organic synthesis. These structures can be found in a wide range of polycyclic natural products and drug molecules. Here we report a Ti(Oi-Pr)4-promoted photoenolization/Diels-Alder (PEDA)(More)
A general and efficient approach to both 7-aryloctahydroindole and cis-3a-aryloctahydroindole alkaloids has been developed. The key step involves Michael additions of the corresponding kinetics and thermodynamics lithium enolates of ketone 9 to the versatile building blocks: nitroethylene 10. Two representative members, (+/-)-gamma-lycorane and(More)
The reaction conditions and scope of the photo-Nazarov reaction of aryl vinyl ketones were investigated. In contrast to the conventional acid-catalyzed methods, this photolytic electrocyclization proceeds in the neutral or basic conditions. Irradiating substrates bearing various aromatic rings, acid-sensitive groups, cyclohexenyl, cycloheptenyl, and(More)