Shuangzi Sun

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In 2008,we proposed a clustering algorithm called improved kernel based fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm (IKFCM) to improve the performance of the original fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm. In this paper,we analyze the convergence of the IKFCM by means of Zangwill's convergence theorem.The result shows that arbitrary sequences generated by IKFCM always(More)
In 2010, we proposed the improved unsupervised possibilistic clustering algorithm (IUPC) that can be run as an unsupervised clustering and overcome the weakness of the unsupervised possibilistic clustering algorithm (UPC) that it tends to generate coincident clusters. IUPC inherits the merits of UPC. In the meanwhile, IUPC solves the coincident clusters(More)
Considering that more and more college students are using mobile devices in their study but there still exist some problems in their management ability to organize their learning activities. In view of this situation, management ability of college students is considered to be quite crucial. This paper elaborates on how to cultivate management ability of(More)
A web-server network consists of a number of server pools that are located around the world and connected through the Internet. Each server pool (SP) consists of finite queue of requests that is served by a number of web servers. A dispatcher-like server is used as a service center (SC). The central controller (i.e. SC) receives periodic updates of the(More)
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