Shuangzhang Tu

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In this paper we demonstrate the performance of a slope limiting procedure combined with a discontinuous Galerkin (DG) finite element solver for 2D compressible Euler equations. The slope limiter can be categorized into van Albada type and is differentiable. This slope limiter is modified from a similar limiter used in finite volume solvers to suit the(More)
Key Words: Incompressible flows, hybrid finite volume/element method, unstructured flow solver. ABSTRACT We have successfully developed an implicit hybrid finite volume/element solver for both low and high Reynolds number incompressible flows. The solver is based on the segregated pressure correction or projection method on staggered unstructured meshes. An(More)
This paper reports the performance of our parallel implicit finite volume solver for compressible flows. The Jacobian-free Generalized Minimal Residual method (GMRES) is used to solve the linear system resulting from the discretization. Furthermore, the matrix-free Lower-Upper Symmetric Gauss Seidel (LU-SGS) method is employed as a preconditioning technique(More)
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