Shuangyi Zhang

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With widespread occurrence of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) in the water cycle, their presence in source water has led to the need to better understand their treatability and removal efficiency in treatment processes. Fifteen indicator compounds were identified to represent the large number of PPCPs reported worldwide. Criteria applied(More)
With the increasing concern of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in source water, this study examines the hypothesis that existing filters in water treatment plants can be converted to biologically active filters (BAFs) to treat these compounds. Removals through bench-scale BAFs were evaluated as a function of media, granular activated carbon (GAC)(More)
We evaluated the biodegradability of physically (WAF) and chemically (CEWAF) dispersed oil in brackish water (salinity ∼6.5 g/L), and the influence of nutrient availability (low nutrient-LN: background water vs. high nutrient-HN: addition of 100 mg NO3-N/L and 10mg PO4-P/L to background water) on oil biodegradation rates at 15±0.5 °C for 42 days. No oil(More)
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