Shuangshuang Yao

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Obesity develops when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. Promoting brown adipose tissue formation and function increases energy expenditure and hence may counteract obesity. Berberine (BBR) is a compound derived from the Chinese medicinal plant Coptis chinensis. Here we show that BBR increases energy expenditure, limits weight gain, improves cold(More)
The histological spectrum of nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) ranges from hepatic steatosis to steatohepatitis and fibrosis. Berberine (BBR) is known for its therapeutic effect on obesity, hyperglycaemia and dyslipidaemia; however, its effect on NAFLD has yet to be thoroughly explored. Db/db mice and methionine-choline-deficient diet-fed mice were(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies have focused on postprandial incretin responses to different carbohydrate meals. Therefore, we designed a study to compare the different effects of two carbohydrates (75 g oral glucose, a monosaccharide and 100 g standard noodle, a polysaccharide, with 75 g carbohydrates equivalently) on postprandial glucose, insulin and incretin(More)
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