Shuangshuang Chu

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Fertilization is indispensable to the establishment success of many eucalypt plantations. Split application of fertilizer has proven effective in agronomic systems; however, its potential impact on eucalypt tree growth and fertilizer uptake efficiency (FUE) is not well understood. This study investigated the effects of split fertilizer applications on(More)
The clusters tend to have vague or imprecise boundaries in some fields such as web mining, since clustering has been widely used. Decision-theoretic rough set model (DTRSM) is a typical probabilistic rough set model, which has the ability to deal with imprecise, uncertain, and vague information. Therefore, a novel clustering algorithm based on the DTRSM is(More)
Ferritins are primary iron storage proteins and play a crucial role in iron storage and detoxification. Yeast two-hybrid method was employed to screen the cDNA library of Phascolosoma esculenta. Sequence of positive colony FER147 was analyzed. The higher similarity and conserved motifs for ferritin indicated that it belonged to a new member of ferritin(More)
Ferritin has important functions in the transition and storage of toxic metal ions, but its regulation and function in many invertebrate species are still largely unknown. In our previous work, the cDNA sequence of Sinonovacula constricta, Apostichopus japonicas and Acaudina leucoprocta were constructed and efficiently expressed in E. Coli BL21 under IPTG(More)
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