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Preparation of fine fiberglass‐resin powders from waste printed circuit boards by different milling methods for reinforcing polypropylene composites
In this study, different milling methods were used to prepare fine fiberglass-resin powders (FRP) from waste printed circuit boards for the sake of obtaining high-performance polypropylene (PP)/FRPExpand
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Electrochemical Analysis of an Anode-Supported SOFC
concentration overpotentials were taken into account in the model. The structural and operating parameters were analyzed to improve the cell design. The simulation results showed that the activationExpand
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Morphology, mechanical and thermal oxidative aging properties of HDPE composites reinforced by nonmetals recycled from waste printed circuit boards.
In this study nonmetals recycled from waste printed circuit boards (NPCB) is used as reinforce fillers in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) composites. The morphology, mechanical and thermal oxidativeExpand
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Fabrication of Morphologically Controlled Composites with High Thermal Conductivity and Dielectric Performance from Aluminum Nanoflake and Recycled Plastic Package.
Polymer composites with high thermal conductivity are highly desirable for modern electronic and electrical industry because of their wide range of applications. However, conventional polymerExpand
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Sustainable packaging biocomposites from polylactic acid and wheat straw: Enhanced physical performance by solid state shear milling process
Abstract As a sustainable and inexpensive agricultural byproduct, wheat straw has gained major interest as filler in green composites in recent years, but previous studies about PLA/wheat strawExpand
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High-performance Thermal and Electrical Conductive Composites from Multilayer Plastic Packaging Waste and Expanded Graphite
Plastic film packaging waste is an important environmental concern worldwide, and finding effective ways to reuse multilayer plastic packaging waste (MPW) presents major challenges. However, currentExpand
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Polymer composites with expanded graphite network with superior thermal conductivity and electromagnetic interference shielding performance
Abstract Polymer composites with high thermal conductivity and excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding are in high demand in modern microelectronic devices. However, for the mostExpand
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Recycling of automotive shredder residue by solid state shear milling technology
Abstract The main compositions in automotive shredder residue (ASR) were polymers, up to about 70 wt%, which is difficult to be separated and classified. In this work, ultrafine ASR powders wasExpand
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