Shuanglong Xie

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Distributed transmission rate tuning is important for a wide variety of IEEE 802.15.4 network applications such as industrial network control systems. Such systems often require each node to sustain certain throughput demand in order to guarantee the system performance. It is thus essential to determine a proper transmission rate that can meet the(More)
A wireless network control system (WNCS) is a control system whose network is closed over a wireless channel. The control performance can be degraded due to the imperfection of the wireless network. This paper studies the co-design of Media Access Control (MAC) layer parameters and sampling period of a model-based network control system (MB-NCS). In(More)
The efficient utilization of CSMA/CA network has been shown to heavily depend on the knowledge on the traffic loads of other nodes in the network. In a purely distributed network, the on-going traffic loads can only be estimated by exploiting locally available information. However, existing estimation algorithms are mainly focused on traffic estimation of(More)
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