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Submersed macrophytes play a key role in structuring bacterioplankton community composition in the large, shallow, subtropical Taihu Lake, China.
Within-lake horizontal heterogeneity of bacterioplankton community composition (BCC) was investigated in the large and shallow subtropical Taihu Lake (2338 km(2), maximum depth < 3 m). Samples wereExpand
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Crystal structure studies on sulfur oxygenase reductase from Acidianus tengchongensis.
Sulfur oxygenase reductase (SOR) simultaneously catalyzes oxidation and reduction of elemental sulfur to produce sulfite, thiosulfate, and sulfide in the presence of molecular oxygen. In this study,Expand
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Undibacterium terreum sp. nov., isolated from permafrost soil.
The bacterial strain C3(T) was isolated from permafrost soil in Beijicun, Mohe County, Heilongjiang province, China. Cells of strain C3(T) were Gram-stain-negative rods, 0.3-0.4 µm in diameter andExpand
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Phycicoccus cremeus sp. nov., isolated from forest soil, and emended description of the genus Phycicoccus.
A bacterial strain, designated V2M29(T), was isolated from forest soil collected in the Changbai Mountains, Heilongjiang Province, China. Cells of strain V2M29(T) were Gram-positive, rod-shapedExpand
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Genomic analysis of Acidianus hospitalis W1 a host for studying crenarchaeal virus and plasmid life cycles
The Acidianus hospitalis W1 genome consists of a minimally sized chromosome of about 2.13 Mb and a conjugative plasmid pAH1 and it is a host for the model filamentous lipothrixvirus AFV1. TheExpand
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A bioaugmentation failure caused by phage infection and weak biofilm formation ability.
Two biological aerated filters (BAF) were setup for ammonia removal treatment of the circulation water in a marine aquaculture. One of the BAFs was bioaugmented with a heterotrophic nitrifyingExpand
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Beneficial effect of butyrate‐producing Lachnospiraceae on stress‐induced visceral hypersensitivity in rats
Emerging evidence indicates that psychological stress is involved in the pathogenesis of irritable bowel syndrome, which is characterized by visceral hypersensitivity and may be accompanied by gutExpand
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gcMeta: a Global Catalogue of Metagenomics platform to support the archiving, standardization and analysis of microbiome data
The Global Catalogue of Metagenomics (gcMeta) is a part of the ‘Chinese Academy of Sciences Initiative of Microbiome (CAS-CMI)’, which focuses on studying the human and environmental microbiome. Expand
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Metallosphaera cuprina sp. nov., an acidothermophilic, metal-mobilizing archaeon.
A novel acidothermophilic archaeon, strain Ar-4(T), was isolated from a sulfuric hot spring in Tengchong, Yunnan, China. Cells of strain Ar-4(T) were Gram-staining-negative, irregular cocci andExpand
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A New Acyl-homoserine Lactone Molecule Generated by Nitrobacter winogradskyi
It is crucial to reveal the regulatory mechanism of nitrification to understand nitrogen conversion in agricultural systems and wastewater treatment. In this study, the nwiI gene of NitrobacterExpand
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