Shuanghong Yin

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Brucellosis is a globally distributed zoonotic disease that causes animal and human diseases. However, the current Brucella abortus vaccines (S19 and RB51) are deficient; they can cause abortion in pregnant animals. Moreover, when the vaccine S19 is used, tests cannot differentiate natural from vaccinated infection. Therefore, a safer and more potent(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the mechanisms of endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs)on promoting osteogenic differentiation of marrow stromal cells (MSCs). METHODS EPCs and MSCs were isolated and cultured successfully from C57BL/7 murine bone marrow by in vitro amplification. EPC-conditioned medium (CM) was extracted to detect the concentrations of vascular(More)
Brucellosis is a globally distributed zoonotic disease affecting animals and humans, and current antibiotic and vaccine strategies are not optimal. The surface-exposed protein Omp25 is involved in Brucella virulence and plays an important role in Brucella pathogenesis during infection, suggesting that Omp25 could be a useful target for selecting potential(More)
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