Shuangfeng Li

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We propose DHCS, a method of distributed, hierarchical clustering and summarization for online data analysis and mining in sensor networks. Different from the acquisition and aggregation of raw sensory data, our method clusters sensor nodes based on their current data values as well as their geographical proximity, and computes a summary for each cluster.(More)
Online mining in large sensor networks just starts to attract interest. Finding patterns in such an environment is both compelling and challenging. The goal of this position paper is to understand the challenges and to identify the research problems in online mining for sensor networks. As an initial step, we identify the following three problems to work(More)
In many sensor network applications, it is essential to get the data distribution of the attribute value over the network. Such data distribution can be got through clustering, which partitions the network into contiguous regions, each of which contains sensor nodes of a range of similar readings. This paper proposes a method named Distributed, Hierarchical(More)
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