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Reservoir Characteristics of Lacustrine Shale and Marine Shale: Examples from the Songliao Basin, Bohai Bay Basin and Qiannan Depression
Lacustrine shale from the Qingshankou Formatin of Songliao basin and the Shahejie Formation of Bohai Bay basin, and marine shale from the lower Cambrian Jiumenchong Formation of Qiannan depressionExpand
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Quantitative modelling of hydrocarbon expulsion and quality grading of tight oil lacustrine source rocks: Case study of Qingshankou 1 member, central depression, Southern Songliao Basin, China
The quality of source rocks plays an important role in the distribution of tight and conventional oil and gas resources. Despite voluminous studies on source rock hydrocarbon generation, expulsionExpand
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Pore Types and Quantitative Evaluation of Pore Volumes in the Longmaxi Formation Shale of Southeast Chongqing, China
The common microscale to nanoscale pore types were introduced and divided into organic and inorganic pores to estimate their contributions to porosity in the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation shaleExpand
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Shale oil occurring between salt intervals in the Dongpu Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China
Abstract The ‘saline mudstone’ sequence of the Paleogene Shahejie Formation in the Dongpu Depression of Bohai Bay Basin is a major source rock for conventional hydrocarbons. However, shale oil,Expand
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Heterogeneity characterization of the lower Silurian Longmaxi marine shale in the Pengshui area, South China
Abstract The heterogeneity of shale is significant for the evaluation and “sweet spot” prediction of a shale gas reservoir. Core observations, thin sections, field emission scanning electronExpand
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Application of Element Balance Method to Evaluate the Quantity and Period of Biogas Generation
Abstract The period of biogenic gas generation plays a very important role in its accumulation, but till now there is no creditable and effective method to appraise it at home and abroad. It is aExpand
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Classification and evaluation criteria of shale oil and gas resources: Discussion and application
Abstract Research on the evaluation criteria of shale oil and gas is conducted to accurately assess the resource potential of shale oil and gas. Statistic analysis of the geochemical index ofExpand
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Classification of microscopic pore-throats and the grading evaluation on shale oil reservoirs
Abstract On the basis of the characterization of microscopic pore-throats in shale oil reservoirs by high-pressure mercury intrusion technique, a grading evaluation standard of shale oil reservoirsExpand
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