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— Electrofluidic displays transpose brilliant pigment dispersions between a fluid reservoir of small viewable area and a channel of large viewable area. Recent progress in the technology, a new multi-stable device architecture, and a novel approach for segmented displays that can display pigment without the optical losses of pixel borders is reported. The(More)
The radar altimeter prelaunch calibration was commonly carried our by return signal simulator. The principles of return signal simulator, biases such as quadratic phase bias, amplitude and phase biases, delay bias were described in detail in this paper. In the last section the overall system bias on return signal simulator was calculated.
Using the along track processing and delay correction, a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) altimeter has better retrieved accuracies of the geophysical ocean parameters than conventional radar altimeters (CRAs). The retrieved accuracies of a SAR altimeter are relevant to the shape of ocean echo wave and the number or averaged pulses and the effective number of(More)