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Working memory plays an important role in human cognition. This study investigated how working memory was encoded by the power of multi-channel local field potentials (LFPs) based on sparse nonnegative matrix factorization (SNMF). SNMF was used to extract features from LFPs recorded from the prefrontal cortex of four Sprague-Dawley rats during a memory task(More)
Magnetite nanocrystals have been widely used in many fields. Recently, a new magnetite nanocrystals, called magnetosome, has been found in magnetotactic bacteria. In this article, we researched on the properties of magnetosomes in detail, such as crystalline, morphology, crystal-size distributions, vitro cytotoxicity, and magnetic properties and quantified(More)
Based on the analysis of supply chain collaboration and the inventory optimization for assembly manufacturing enterprises, an optimization model of multi-period dynamic decision is investigated according to the organizational behavior theory and optimization principle of cybernetics, which is based on the assembly manufacturing enterprise's target(More)
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