Shuang Zhang

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Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training System (CAPT) has become an important learning aid in second language (L2) learning. Our approach to CAPT is based on the use of phonological rules to capture language transfer effects that may cause mispronunciations. This paper presents an approach for automatic derivation of phonological rules from L2 speech. The(More)
A prominence model is proposed for enhancing prosodic features in automatic lexical stress and pitch accent detection. We make use of a loudness model and incorporate differential pitch values to improve conventional features. Experiments show that these new prosodic features can improve the detection of lexical stress and pitch accent by about 6%. We(More)
— In this brief, the vibration control problem is investigated for a flexible string system in both transverse and longitudinal directions. The vibrating string is nonlinear due to the coupling between transverse and longitudinal displacements. Using the Hamilton's principle, the dynamics of the nonlinear string are presented by two partial and four(More)
Video summary is an active research field to help users to grasp a whole video's content for efficient browsing and editing. In this paper, we describe our THU-Intel rushes summarization system in TRECVID2008. In our approach, we first extract low-level audiovisual features and parse the video into shots, sub-shots and 1-second video clips. Then we remove(More)